Sleeper Sofas

We have a large variety of quality sleepers that fit into many of our TSG branded styles

Sleeper Mechanisms and Mattress Sizes

32′ wide unit (24″ wide mattress)

44″ wide unit (37″wide mattress)

60″ wide unit (52″ wide mattress)

68″ wide unit (60″ wide mattress)

We can put a comfy bed in almost any style of Sectional, Sofa, Condo Sofa, Loveseat, and Chair ½.

-All mattress lengths are 72″-

*Approximately 90″ is needed from back of sofa when pulled out for use*

Sleeper Options to Choose

5″ Mattress- $520

10″ Mattress- $795

4.5″ Mattress- $830

Deluxe Inner Spring Mattress

Inner Spring

5 in.


Deluxe Inner Spring w/ Pillow Top

Inner Spring w/ Pillow Top

5.5 in.


Air Dream Mattress w/ Pump

Air Dream Mattress w/ Pump

10 in.


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam

4.5 in.


Easy Pull- Ultra Bed Queen Sleeper

You can also get our already customized Easy Pull Ultra Bed Queen Sleepers as shown. Choose from Manual or Power with your choice of fabric.


76W x 35H x 38D- $2885

Lenore Sleeper w/ Power Mechanism

75.5W x 35H x 39D- $3495


69.5W x 35.5H x 38D- $2885