Custom Built Designs

Custom Built Sofas for your Design

Custom built sofas means different things to different people. It may mean selecting a special fabric, or changing the arm, legs or cushions of one of our styles. To some it means changing the depth of the seating or creating an original configuration to fit their home and their needs.

Then there are those unusual spaces that no standard sofa design will quite fit into! We can help you design a completely custom sofa that will fit your space. Whether it is a fabric selection or creating a completely custom sofa fashioned to your specifications we offer personalized service to help you select which of options or changes available are right for you.

In addition to customizing your sofa with dimension, configuration and fabric selection, we can make almost any change imaginable! Among our design studio offerings you’ll find the following:

Cozy & Custom…..The example to the left, The Extreme Custom Couch. Our inspiration was a wine barrel which seemed appropriate since this is a wine cellar. The curve was very specific, most of our custom work is not this complicated.

And the cost? It may not be as much as you think. Just let us know your budget, and we promise not laugh….ok, I’m kidding, we will laugh, but that’s because we like to have fun and writing this stuff for the website is getting to me. Honestly, there are many ways to skin a cat. (oh no, I hope I didn’t offend anyone.) We usually present various options and prices. We’ll just leave it at that if that’s ok.


Next to the shape of the sofa nothing is more critical to comfort than the cushions. All of our cushions are available in firmness varying from soft to very firm. You select the firmness that is comfortable for your use. In addition cushions are available with a variety of fillings from poly to down to our favorite, the Denier.

We are the only carrier of the Denier cushions around and it truly is the BentleyTM of cushions. Constructed from spun micro-fibers, it’s by far the most comfortable cushion we have found. If you are opposed to down because of allergies or ecological issues, Denier is a great alternative! Not only will you find Denier very comfortable, you’ll save yourself the trouble of fluffing cushions and picking up stray feathers.

Arm Styles

Certain shapes can define a look as more formal while others give a traditional feel. In the end comfort and the look you like should define the right arm for your sofa. Ask your design specialist which choices are available in your selected style.

Leg Styles

Many of our sofa styles come with wood legs or bases. The right leg can enhance the look of your sofa. We offer different leg choices in many finishes to complement your fabric selection and your home’s interior. Ask your design consultant which choices are available for your selected style.

Many of our sofa models come with wood legs or bases.  You have 8 basic choices (shown above) and several other higher grade leg colors to choose from to compliment both your fabric choice, and your home’s interior.  You can also substitute leg and base designs between sofas for moderate additional charges.

Add a Sofa Bed

We can put an AirDream sleeper into almost any sofa. These mattresses use an innovative air and inner spring design to combine the support of a traditional sofa bed and the comfort and storage advantages of inflatable beds.

AirDream mattresses can be adjusted for firmness and are twice the thickness of a regular sofa bed!  These mattresses inflate and deflate in seconds with just the touch of a button. Offering house-guests a comfortable place to sleep is easy with an AirDream sleeper sofa bed.

Ask your design consultant for pricing details.

WARNING: The Air Dream Mattress…So nice, your relatives may not want to leave.

Sofa by day

Sofa by night…sweet dreams!