About The Sofa Guy


In 1996, we opened our first furniture store with a business partner in Venice Beach, calling it Philip Paul Designs. I had a degree from UCLA but I didn’t know a thing about design or furniture. I was an “actor” which meant I actually was a waiter. Soon I earned a degree in business from the “University of Life”, learned a thing or two about furniture and design and bought out the partner.

Where did we get the goofy name?

From the original store in Venice Beach, we changed our name to Welcome Home Interiors (which we still use for large interior design and commercial projects). We liked the idea of helping our clients create welcoming environments in their homes. Still, when we described what we do people would say “Oh the Sofa Guy! My neighbor just bought a sectional from you guys.”; or something similar. Paul got that so often he finally gave in. We figured it’s simple, memorable, and a little goofy; but then again so is he. We embraced the moniker and today we are The Sofa Guy Inc.

Small Business

We moved our business to Thousand Oaks in 2003. We started by keeping things simple; no showroom, no employees; just us, Paul and his catalogues and fabric swatches working from home and going on lots and lots of house calls. During the last 10 years we have moved the business out of the house and into the Westlake Design Center, and in 2013 we made our BIG move to Thousand Oaks Boulevard. We hope to be able to add more stores in the future and appreciate the fact that the Conejo Valley has kept us in business when the economy has been so tough these last few years.

We are proud to be a local, family owned business. We live and raise our family here; and participate in church, school and other community based activities throughout the Conejo Valley. We appreciate your business and hope you will value knowing when you do business with us you are supporting a local family, who in turn supports other local family owned businesses.
Paul and Holly Trent

Who Is The Sofa Guy

To provide an extraordinary buying experience for our clients in a warm and friendly environment.

To provide the best quality furniture, quickly, and at an honest price.

We bridge the gap between a design firm and a furniture store. Like a Design Firm we value the creative process; we make House Calls, collaborate with clients and coordinate many of the little details you never thought existed. Like a furniture store you can also come in and select anything from our floor, order it in the fabric you want and call it a day.

We promise to “always do the right thing” on behalf of our customers. By placing our customer’s needs first, we consistently strive to deliver exceptional service and furnishing of the highest quality available.

What shapes all of our decisions is summed up in one phrase: “Do the right thing.” We provide the tools and assistance for our customers to transform their vision of what their space could be, into a reality.