Our Partners

Jaipur Rugs

Every great story has a humble beginning, ours is no different; before you take your second step, you must take your first.

One vision, two looms, and an impressive journey. The company you know today as Jaipur Living, Inc. started with the vision of N.K Chaudhary (the founder) connecting people around the world with the talents of the artisans that surrounded him in India. Through the coming years two looms would turn to twenty, then two hundred and beyond due to the attention gained from the artistry and quality Jaipur has become synonymous with today. Resting on sustainability and a vertically integrated business model, Jaipur has grown to one of the world’s leading rug manufacturers. Overseeing every step in the supply chain from product conception, design, production and customer delivery, the Jaipur business model offers consistencies in quality and cost.



More than 35 years ago, Allan Palecek began traveling the world seeking inspiration in a centuries-old tradition of basket-weaving from the indigenous peoples of Asia. Impressed with their use of quickly renewable materials like seagrass and rattan, he returned with a unique, attractive product that gained immediate attention by the home décor industry.

The expertly woven baskets drew steady admirers, which grew into loyal customers, and an expanding product line. With a developed network of master artisans, the desire to mix an international palette of natural fibers and fast-growing hardwoods into elegant furniture, lighting and accessories made the Palecek company a trendsetter and pioneer in the industry.


Arteriors Home

Arterior’s products are a result of a close collaborate effort between the Arterior’s design team and many manufacturers around the world. Arteriors Home strives to offer unique accessories, furniture and lighting with timeless appeal and a nod to latest trends. Their goal is to deliver the customer an exceptional product and service experience.

“Everything starts with the product and it must be unique. “

Mark Moussa, President


Leftbank Art

For over 40 years Leftbank Art has provided the latest in canvas art to the design world.  Their line of over 4,300 pieces, including Original Paintings, Giclee, and Prints on Canvas, are created on site in their Southern California facility. Here, their attention to detail and quality drive the manufacturing and creation of their artwork.

The line is updated seasonally, insuring the availability of the latest trends and styles.  Variety of sizes and styles by new and acclaimed talents provide their clients with their first choice in quality canvas art. All their work is hand embellished, bringing a realistic painted look to Giclees and Prints On Canvas.


Noir Furniture

For more than ten years, Noir has been designing, building and importing a very unique, but ever growing collection of home furnishings.  They emphasize natural, simple and classic designs and they do their best to manufacture in as green a way as they can. They still build their furniture the old fashioned way using high quality and properly dried solid wood. They take great pride in what they do and they hope that you will enjoy their products for many years and perhaps even generations to come.


Dovetail Furniture

Founded in 1992 by Charlie Shaw and Ted Einstein, Dovetail has developed an expertise in sourcing an eclectic range of handmade furniture, accessories and textiles from around the world. Based in Los Angeles, they distribute from a 100,000 sq. foot facility, which also includes a showroom for wholesale and design clients.